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Science Fair Water Basics information is presented for Science Students, Science Student Parents and Science Teachers to help with science fair projects focusing on fresh water.
Our planet depends on water for all environments. Water is very simple. The water molecule is H2O, only two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Very simple. Plus, water never wears out. This simple water molecule just keeps cycling and recycling and recycling and recycling forever.

Water: the ultimate renewable resource.

However, during each cycle, water establishes an equilibrium with every situation encountered. Each time this simple water molecule comes in contact with the natural environment, the subsequent reactions become very interesting. Water reacts and dissolves the local surroundings. Water produces all the environments we interact with and depend on every day. All life contains water.

Science Fair Water covers the basic concepts underlying physical water quality, chemical water quality and biological water quality processes that produce our water. The website presents water concepts, science, information and vocabulary to aid elementary school, middle school and high school science students, science student parents and science teachers with school science fair projects.

The Navigator (to the left) links the major water topics covered to help students with science fair projects involving water. However, this is not to say all the facets of water science are covered, but it is a good start.

I hope this helps, if you have comments or more questions, please leave a reply.


Dr. Gordon Snyder, Director

Science Fair Center


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