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The temperature of water can be explained through the concept of energy balance.

There are several factors pertinent to heat transfer that can affect water temperature. They are surface area of the water body, turbulence of the water, the amount of solar radiation, air turbulence, the temperature difference between the air and water and the mass inputs and outputs of water.

Speaking in terms of heat energy, heat transfer in water is a relationship between the heat input and the heat output ± heat storage. In this relationship, the changes of heat storage represent the changes in temperature.

When heat (or thermal energy) is retained in the water the temperature rises. The heat inputs are principally a function of incoming short wave and long wave solar radiation. Advection is heat carried into water or transferred by contact into water, is a secondary source. The heat outputs are evaporation, reflection of solar radiation, thermal back radiation, conduction of heat to the streambed from the water, and convection of heat to the air.

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