Test the basic water chemistry of 2-3 area lakes vs. our local drinking water

My son is 11…in the 6th grade. He loves camping and visiting various area lakes. He would like to test the basic water chemistry of 2-3 area lakes vs. our local drinking water. Basically, his project would be to compare and contrast the water chemistry of 2-3 outdoor water sources vs. our local drinking water.

I thought the series “538 Out 4-4” environmental and outdoor water test kit might be just right for his experiment. Do you agree? Are there any test kits that might be better? The color/number test strips seem like they might be easier for his age vs. more complicated kits. I would like him to keep it relatively simple and straightforward and thought this kit might be just right…also needs to be affordable.

Does the 538 Out4-4 kit contain just the strips? Does it also contain vials and lids to store small water samples or should these be purchased separately? How soon can these kits be mailed after purchase?

Sounds like your on the right track with your science fair project. The only thing you might think
about is whether the samples need to be done in duplicate or tripilcate. Maybe your science
teacher would be one to check with….

As for the test kits, they come with the chosen number of sets (samples) of tests, sterile water
sample bags, instructions and links back to the sciencefaircenter.com website for reference and
information PDF files for downloading.

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