Intro Science Fair Water Projects

Introduction to Science Fair Water Projects

Water monitoring projects should be carefully designed to produce data that allows better understanding of interactions between activities and the water.

When properly understood, this water quality data can be used to interpret the significance of many cause and effect relationships. Interactions between water parameters and aquatic environments and then with our water use on top of it, are complicated and interesting. By producing a better understanding of the results of water interactions, students gain helpful insight interpreting the significance on water quality.

Sometimes, students can use this knowledge to understand the extent of mans impacts, or at other times to estimate the effects of future human activities on our water supply. To do either, environmental student scientists must know how water data can be converted into cause/effect information to help make informed decisions.

The material presented in the following discussions cover the basic theories and concepts underlying fresh water quality processes. Our goal is to present water information that aids the Science Student, Science Student Parent and Science Teacher with their school science fair project.

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