Water Conservation

Growing water demand and rising costs of water and sewer.

Water costs can be controlled

Water conservation costs can be controlled with effort.

Uncertain water supplies and inefficient equipment that uses water challenge businesses, institutions and recreational facilities to come up with better water management.

Rapid population growth and economic development are straining water supplies

In most areas around the US and the world. As urban and suburban populations grow, they are overwhelming our aging water delivery and sewage treatment systems. Old pipes and old water equipment are not efficient and sometimes loose as much water from leaks as the amount of water that arrives at the faucet. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly more difficult and expensive for communities to develop new water supplies and build wastewater treatment facilities.

Because of infrastructure limitations and water shortages the effects of rising water costs are being felt more and more. Businesses and institutions realize higher operating expenses due to increased water and sewer rates, and these increased expenses often must be passed on to consumers or ratepayers.

Controlling water and sewer costs takes teamwork.

Waste and inefficiency that exist in the way most businesses use water can be eliminated. Commercial Water Conservation aims at lower water and sewer costs. With top management commitment, teamwork, and prioritized efforts, establishing Conservation programs can reduce operating costs.

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